Early Christmas Holidays for K-6

Posted: December 13, 2021

Families, by now you may have heard from the gnb press conference that students in K-6 will begin their Christmas holidays at the end of this week (Dec.17th). Students in grades 7/8 are still expected to attend until Dec.23rd.
We will now be recording our Christmas concert on Thursday, Dec.16th, so we hope to have all our students here. Please remember to wear your concert outfit, but avoid wearing green as it interferes with the green screen used to record.
Due to this news, we will move our Spirit week to the rest of this week, with a few slight changes:
Tuesday, Dec.14th- Christmas Sweater/Shirt/Colour Day
Wednesday, Dec.15th- Christmas Hat/Sock/Mask Day
Thursday, Dec.16th- Wear you Christmas best (concert day)
Friday, Dec.17th- PJ Day