Positive Recognition Is Creating A Positive Learning Environment

Posted: March 14, 2017

In order to continue to promote a positive learning environment, we are increasing the number of ways we recognize students on a monthy basis.  For the last couple of years, we have focused on teaching students in K-5 to be "Bucketfillers".   Throughout the year, all the students recognized as a Bucketfiller will have their name entered for a draw at the end of the year to win a new bicycle. 

Recently, we decided to also recognize a Phys. Ed. student of the month at both elementary and middle school.  Pita Pit was generous enough to sponsor this award by providing each recepiant a Pita Pit card for a free pita.   

Now we are adding another award, the Shark of the Month.  Each student nominated for this award will receive a certificate and have their name entered for a monthy draw to receive a Goji's treat bag (contains a free yogurt card $5.00, stickers, a wristband and a Goji's toy).

Below is the criteria we want students to aim for:


  • Uses kind and respectful language
  • Uses hands for helping
  • Uses whole body listening

Phys. Ed. Student of the Month:

  • Shows good sportsmanship
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Follows contract rules (being safe, kind, gentle, plays fair and works hard)
  • Is ready to participate (has gym clothes for grades 4-8)

Shark of the Month: all around student

  • has a positive attitude
  • is hard working (working to his/her full potential)
  • helps others without being asked
  • is ready to learn
  • is a good citizen
  • demonstrated leadership

Check in monthy to see who our amazing sharks are!!  You can also see their accomlishments posted on the walls of the school.