Homework - October 5/09

Posted: October 5, 2009

- Grade 6 Math: Make corrections to test - sign test - Read and Log - Soccer game tomorrow/Wednesday (jerseys) - Mental Math strategies 7-8     Grade 6 and 8 students did very well on their first test of the year. This year I will be using a new assessment strategy where students will be responsible for passing every outcome in their respective grade. This will ensure mastery of outcomes and better prepare each student for their academic future. As a result students who did not score marginal or better will be asked to study the outcome they missed and come to Mr. Hayward when they feel they have mastered the outcome. Students will then be given a short re-write on that specific outcome. This can be done at each students individual pace. If you have any questions about this new method of assessment please do not hesitate to e-mail: adam.hayward@nbed.nb.ca or call 228-2000.