Home Learning Week 6 May 11th - 15th

Posted: May 11, 2020

Can you believe that it snowed on May 9th?! Who would have thought that we would see snow in May.  Crazy weather to go witht the crazy times I guess.  This week I would like you to continue working on SplashLearn and Kids A-Z.  I am adding a couple of links to videos that you can watch.  To choose a video click on the picture.  There are many to choose from so watch the ones that you want to.  I am also adding a file with some Literacy activities that you can do as well.  These activities cover all the different types of curriculum outcomes for Literacy. Also, don't forget to send me some pictures so I can put them here on my teacher page so your friends can see you. Email me at shawna.goguen@nbed.nb.ca . Hope to hear from you soon!

Enjoy your week and hopefully we don't see anymore snow.

Mrs. Goguen