November 3rd, 2021

Posted: November 3, 2021

Good Morning!

 Today I am sending along a couple of poems for you to practice in hopes of getting to do something at school next week for Remembrance Day.


Continue to work on SquigglePark or DreamScape. DreamScape is for those who have finished SquigglePark. 

Read over the Remembrance Day poems or have someone read them to you and you repeat them. I am hoping that these will be memorized by Monday.

Write a retell story about something that you have been doind since you've been home. Make sure to use capital letters, periods and correct spacing.


Work on some of the assigned lessons in SplashLearn.

Continue to practice counting forward and backward by 2s between 0 and 50.

I am aware that some students are having difficulty logging into the websites due to slow internet. I ask these students to do the other activities and to also use the package that I sent home earlier in the year in case we were closed due to Covid. There are some non-technology activities included in the package. If the strike continues into next week I will have a paper package ready for you to work on.

If you have any questions or need assistance with an activity please email me.

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