November 5th, 2021

Posted: November 5, 2021

I sent an email out today about paper packages. If you would like one please let me know. If you have already told me you want one it is ready for you. 


Continue practicing the Remembrance Day poems that I posted on Wednesday.

Read or have someone read to you. You can also listen to a tumblebook at The username is nblib and the password is nbschools.

Work on SquigglePark or DreamScape for 15 minutes.


Play a boardgame or card game with a family member or a friend.

Go outside and find some leaves and rocks - no more than 9 each. Pretend that the leaves are tens and the rocks are ones. What number did you make? Write it in standard form Ex. 34. In expanded form - ex. 30 + 4, word form - thirty-four and draw it using base ten blocks.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets outside to enjoy the nice weather that we've been having.