Oct. 12th, 2017

Posted: October 12, 2017

* Students for their school pictures, a fundraiser catalogue and their Class September Newsletter!*

Literacy 6/7

These guys were on fire today! They got some new books and were pumped, read for 20 mins, and then got right to work on their descriptives pieces! They were working on editing their papers, and adding in details!

Math 1

Students worked in their centers and worked on counting backwards from 20! We also had a special guest come in: Mrs. Russell showed the students Osmo Coding and Osmo Tangrams!

Social Studies 6/7

We listened to a presentation on Mexico today! Then we worked on our comic book theories, and finished up some totem Poles!

Technology 6/7

We took a Virtutal Tour with The Nature Conservatory: They talked to us about First Nations traditions and the environment. We got to see whales, eagles, salmon and wolves along the way!