Home Learning Homework for January 24th - January 28th, 2022

Posted: January 24, 2022

Due Date: 

Monday, January 24, 2022

1. Gr. 5 - Study doubling facts. Do 1 sheet from booklet.  Gr. 6-Check in with Mr. Forrest

2. Gr.5-6-Reading/Responding- Do 1 story from Reading Comprehension booklet and answer questions.

            Writing-In reading packet, complete a writing exercise based on story you read.

3. Gr. 5-6-Science-Visit science websites from Teacher Web page links and choose an experiement to do.Record results/observations.

4. Gr. 5-6 Phys.Ed - Try to play outside: build snowman, snowshoe, ski, walk (weather permitting), google yoga, or Just Dance video.

5. Gr. 5-6 - Visit Dreambox, Dreamscape, typing.com or myblueprint for 30 min. daily.

6. Gr. 5-6 Daily check - in on TEAMS at 1:00 pm.