Mrs. Perron

Gr. 4-5 at Fletcher's Farm 2023

Posted: May 24, 2024

Thanks for shining so brightly this week Jace!

Posted: May 22, 2024

Gr.4-5 Sharks proudly wore their Jersey's in memory of Evan. Way to go Sharks!

The gr. 4-5 class enjoyed buliding paper airplanes, testing them and competing against other classes.  Our top 3 competitors were Laila, Dax and Kaylee.  Congratulations to Laila who took 3rd place overall in the school wide competition. Way to go Sharks!

Posted: May 17, 2024

Thanks for shining so brightly Raya!

Posted: May 10, 2024

Thanks for shining so brightly this week Cainan!

Posted: May 3, 2024

Students enjoy helping out with classroom chores such as passing out hand outs.

Posted: May 3, 2024

The Gr. 4-5 class were challenged to reuse, reduce and recycle by using every day items to create something they could reuse.  Great ideas were evident in their final product! 

Posted: May 3, 2024

Miss Vienneau challenged the Sharks to a litterless lunch on Earth Day.  What a great idea!

Posted: May 3, 2024

Students experimented with cornstarch and water and the different states that it can go through: solid and liquid. Discussions lead to how atoms behave in a solid and how they behave as a liquid.  A fun afternoon of experimenting.  

Posted: May 3, 2024

Gr. 4-5 have been focusing on learning about mental health and parts of our brain (frontal, ocipital, parietal, temporal, cerebellum and amygdala. Students created their own hats to wear showcasing these areas of our brain. A great hands on activity.


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