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Hi everyone!

 I hope you had a chance to enjoy some of the nice weather on the weekend. My family spent a lot of time outside on the weekend doing some yard work, making raised gardens, putting up the trampoline and just being outside. This week I would like you to write about something that you have been doing to keep busy.  Maybe it's baking, playing games, reading, watching some of your favorite shows, etc. When you have finished you can have your parents take a picture and email it to me at and I can upload here to my teacher page. Feel free to also send me pictures of things you have been doing to keep busy, I'd love to see them.  I miss seeing everyone.

  This weeks work will be to continue to work on SplashLearn for math and Kids A-Z for reading. You can also make flashcards for addition and subtraction as well as continue to play the addition and subtraction games that I posted in week one. Don't forget to go over your sight words.

 Check out the STEAM tab for some learning activities that you can do as a family. There are activities for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.

Have a great week everyone!

Mrs. Goguen

Hi Everyone!  

 I have signed up for a reading website.  Each student has their own account with books at their level.  Once you get logged in click your name and then the watermelon.  Click on Reading Roon and when you get to the books to choose from you can listen to the book (the headphones), read the book on your own (the book) and then take a quiz (the question mark). 

The website is and the teacher name is sgoguen.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at .

Writing - write about what you would rather have.  Would you rather have a cat or dog?  Make sure to give at least 3 reasons why and don't forget punctuation, capital letters and spaces.  Stretch out your words and hear and record as many sounds as you can.  Don't forget that each syllable has one vowel that you can hear.

Math - Continue to work on SplashLearn and the card games that have been assigned previously.  Also, grade 1 - practice counting forward and backward to 100, starting at any number.  Grade 2 - practice counting forward and backward to 100 by 2, 5, and 10 starting at mulitples of those numbers.

I will be calling everyone this week.  If you have an unknown caller it may be me trying to get in touch with your family.

Continue to take care of yourself and stay safe.  

I miss everyone!

Mrs. Goguen

Posted: April 13, 2020

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Continue to do your school work for one hour a day.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at . Stay safe everyone!  I miss everyone! 

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Posted: April 5, 2020

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Posted: September 6, 2017


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Posted: October 17, 2012

Today we made applesauce with the help of Mrs. Harper.  The kids had a great time and the applesauce was delicious!  Tomorrow we are going to write a book on how to make applesauce.


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